Botox Looking for a treatment that will help you look less angry, more youthful and less tired? Many of our patients tell us that Botox is a great way to address all of these things! Botox is such a versatile treatment, we have patients as young as 22 utilizing it to prevent fine lines, and patients in their 70’s utilizing it to smooth fine lines and wrinkles! While it is FDA approved for the forehead Read More
Mascara is often the first makeup we try. It seems that even from a young age, the allure of longer, fuller lashes is there. Right around 2012, Latisse was introduced. Finally there was an FDA approved product that could help make your natural lashes longer and fuller! Our staff and patients love Latisse, but are even more excited about some other lash services we can now offer. Is there a way to make my lashes Read More
What comes to mind when you think of microneedling? Some say acupuncture of the face or the Kardashians. My answer? Minimal downtime with major results. As a medical aesthetician for almost 12 years, I have worked with all kinds of treatments from chemical peels to lasers to now microneedling. I believe in a synergistic approach, with a combination of treatments and skincare. Over the years I’ve had many patients come to me with concerns about Read More
woman holding breast implants
One of the most common cosmetic surgeries I am asked about is breast augmentation. Women have many questions regarding this procedure, ranging from cost and safety to recovery and downtime. Many women wonder who the best candidate for breast enhancement is. The good news is that most women are excellent candidates for breast augmentation, and there are very few who wouldn’t be a “good fit.” Keep in mind, though, that the FDA recommends someone be Read More
07 March

Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times in a woman’s life. Despite eating right and exercising, however, it is often difficult for women to resume their pre-baby body. If you are struggling to bounce back, you may be a candidate for the mommy makeover procedure! A mommy makeover is a blend of surgical procedures to address the toll that pregnancy can take on one’s body. Typical procedures that make up a mommy makeover may include: breast Read More
Genetics can be ruthless. While they often lead to beautiful blue eyes or gorgeous auburn hair, they may also contribute to a likelihood to carry weight in certain areas. Despite diet and exercise, these fat deposits can sometimes be resistant. Enter – CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared treatment to address stubborn fat deposits. The CoolSculpting treatment utilizes a variety of hand pieces that can fit a variety of areas of the body, including: abdomen love Read More
Choosing the right skincare products and treatment strategy can be overwhelming. No matter where we turn, we run into an aisle full of products to choose from, a neighbor who is now a skin expert and we MUST try their new skincare, a late night infomercial that makes promises we really hope they can deliver on. So why choose Sharper Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery for your skincare? Well, we’re experts. I’ve been a licensed medical Read More
Need a Lift? We’ve Got You! After two kids, weight gain and loss, and some genetic factors, at the ripe age of 32 I opted for a breast augmentation. After meeting with Dr. Harper, he determined that I was a candidate for breast implants, but would also need a breast lift. We discussed my anatomy and the look I was going for, and he determined the size of my implants based on these factors. As Read More
Help! I have dark spots that I want gone. What’s the best option? Let me start by saying, I HEAR YOU! My freckles used to be cute. They did. People talked about how the light brown spots across my nose and cheeks were just adorable. And then, one day I woke up and those freckles made me look older. Not okay. So, what are your options for dark spots? It depends what we’re working with. Read More

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